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El acontecimiento es preparado minuciosamente. Habrá en escena diez músicos: los cuatro miembros iniciales más Adrian Belew (guitarra), Dolette McDonald y Nona Hendryx (coros), Bernie Worrell (ex-tecladista de Parliament, Funkadelic, George Clinton y Maggotship) y Busta “Cherry” Jones (miembro de los Escalators, invitado en el primer LP de Eno, Here Come The Warm Jets) al bajo (no es que Tina no pueda, pero Busta ha dado algunas clases de bajo a Tina, ya se conocen, y además del bajo ahora le será posible alternar sintetizador, guitarra y percusión.)


Con Busta en el grupo me divertía mucho, pero ocurría algo así como estar dos reyes en un mismo palacio. No funcionó tan bien como se esperaba. Cuando King Sunny Adé llegó a este país, vino con siete baterías y cinco guitarristas, pero seguía habiendo sólo un bajista.

(Tina Weymouth opinando sobre la formación en vivo de Talking Heads para la presentación de Remain In Light, Talking Heads, Xavier Buendía, 77-79, 1987).

The first of the component parts you are going to need to find is the irresistible dance floor groove.

Before we go any further we had better define “groove”. It is basically the drum and bass patterns and all the other musical sounds on the record that are neither hummable or singalongable to. Groove is the underlying sex element of the record and we are afraid for U.K. Number Ones this can never be left too rabidly raw on the 7” format. It upsets our subliminal national moral code. We can cope with smut but not grind. Of course, there are the odd exceptions.

In the same way that our sexual fantasies change and develop, sometimes double back over a period of months, so do our dance floor tastes in groove. It is always on the move, searching for the ultimate turn on and when you are almost there it’s off again and you’re left looking for a new direction.

Black American records have always been the most reliable source of dance groove. These records down through the years have inevitably laid so much emphasis on the altar of groove and so very little into fulfilling the other Golden Rules that they very rarely break through into the U.K. Top Ten, let alone making the Number One spot. A by-product of this situation is that gangsters of the groove from Bo Diddley on down believe they have been ripped off, not only by the business but by all the artists that have followed on from them. This is because the copyright laws that have grown over the past one hundred years have all been developed by whites of European descent and these laws state that fifty per cent of the copyright of any song should be for the lyrics, the other fifty per cent for the top line (sung) melody; groove doesn’t even get a look in. If the copyright laws had been in the hands of blacks of African descent, at least eighty per cent would have gone to the creators of the groove, the remainder split between the lyrics and the melody. If perchance you are reading this and you are both black and a lawyer, make a name for yourself. Right the wrongs. 

(The Manual (How To Have a Number One The Easy Way), The KLF, 1988).

"Heroin", a comic strip by Jim Himes.

"Heroin", a comic strip by Jim Himes.

No creo haber visto nunca una banda tocar tan intoxicada como en esta presentación de Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show. Y mucho menos en vivo en un programa de televisión! 

Una de las mejores canciones del pop español contemporáneo y una emocionante canción sobre aceptar que tal vez en tu carrera como músico no vayas a pegar un gran hit y volverte una gran estrella, pero tal vez eso tampoco esté tan mal.

You have cum in your hair and your dick is hanging out

Will Oldham revela el origen del título más curioso entre sus canciones.

Was the title his [Bryan Rich] our yours?

I asked him, “What’s the song called?” And he was like, “I don’t know. It doesn’t have a title.” When we were recording the song, Albini told a joke about the piano player in a restaurant who goes off and masturbates, and his boss screams at him, “Get the hell back out there, you got a job to do!” So he rushes back out, and someone comes up to him and says “You know, you have cum in your hair and your dick is hanging out.” And he says, “No, no, but if you hum a few bars I’m sure I could pick it up.” So in the course of that joke there’s a title without a song, and we had a song without a title. I just figured we’d put’em together.

Will Oldham on Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Alan Licht. p.115.

The Mekons - St. Patrick’s Day

Mejor banda hardcore?

Gary Groth y Seth discuten el estado del consumismo (en 1997!) y Beto Hernandez los dibuja como superheroes. Motivo #5487 por el cual los Hermanos Hernandez son lo más.
(Originalmente aparecido en New Love #04)

Gary Groth y Seth discuten el estado del consumismo (en 1997!) y Beto Hernandez los dibuja como superheroes. Motivo #5487 por el cual los Hermanos Hernandez son lo más.

(Originalmente aparecido en New Love #04)